Otter Pops are Less Fun Than You Think

I’m gonna say it - please don’t hate me: Otter Pops don’t taste like much. Okay, okay, okay. Before you get all up in my face like that, I love Otter Pops more than anything in the whole entire world. Okay? Can you let me talk now? Thank you.

Lessons From a Trip to France

Traveling never used to interest me very much. Of course I wanted to see other cultures and places, but traveling never was on the top of any list for me. Until now.

Do You Really Want to Know?

I’m standing by my locker. Someone walks by and says “Hi, how are you?” I start to respond and then realize they’ve walked past me without waiting for me to say anything. I stand there, feeling stupid because I shouldn’t have expected them to actually want to hear about how I’m doing.

Queer Enough?

I’d held American flags before, but this strip of rainbow fabric made me understand. It made me understand why people feel such a connection to our country and its symbol.

Technology - Does it Affect Our Learning?

I’ve always loved paper. When I was little, I was fascinated by how a pencil, when you drag it across paper, makes a mark. I love to bury my nose in a book and smell its unique scent. But increasingly, my time and my classmates’ time is spent on a keyboard and screen.
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