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Unwrap the Scary Gifts

Unwrap the Scary Gifts

Almost everyone can relate to the delicious feeling of anticipation when taking in a wrapped package. With Christmas having recently happened, the memory of this is fresh in our minds - or at least mine.

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Aaron Pitts


Aaron Pitts, son of Martin and Patricia Pitts, inhabits his meat suit (his words, not mine). He moved to Ouray school in 2nd grade, and ever since has been bringing random facts, constant sarcasm, and daily laughs to classmates and teachers.
Snowy Ouray School

It's SNOWING! (Do I Have to Go to School?)

Snow days at Ouray School feel to students like miracles. No one ever expects one, so it is a big surprise when one is called. On Wednesday, January 18, it snowed like crazy from six until 10 in the morning, and the students all asked, “Why isn’t today a snow day?” There were reasons.
Outdoor Education Class

Another Semester Outdoors

Ouray High School’s Outdoor Education class, a class that most schools aren’t able to offer, was a giant success this fall, offering a chance for students to get more in touch with nature and each other. The teacher, Mr. Chiang, outlined the following goals for the course: “for students to find at least one outdoor passion, to develop an interest and respect for the wilderness, and to have fun challenging themselves and working with their friends.”
There's a unicorn in the math classroom.

Happy Birthday to Me

I was having a bad day on November 27th. It was the Sunday at the end of Thanksgiving break, I had been isolated with Covid for the entire break, I was stressed. Life was monotonous, and I didn’t know how to guarantee that Monday would be a good day.
Christmas tree

On Santa's List

We asked kids from each grade what they wanted as holiday gifts, and here’s what they said!


PATT Meeting

Time: 3:45 PM – 5:30 PM
Location: Goldbelt

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