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Ouray High School class of 2022 poses on the playground

Farewell to the Ouray School Class of 2022

The Ouray High School class of 2022 graduates on May 29 at 1 pm in the school gym. Would you like to know their plans?

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Class of 2027 in Moab

7th Grade Adventures in Moab

I took a deep breath to still my quickly beating heart. I and Zoe had bolted up the large formations of rock the jeepers and thrill seekers seemed to enjoy. We were on our own adventure. We hid carefully, for we were playing a game of hide and seek with the whole of our class. After regaining my breath I looked to see if the seeker had started.
Colin Sills

Senior Profile: Colin Sills

A casual enjoyer of chicken nuggets and George Orwell, Colin Sills will disrupt any expectations you have of him. His parents, Sam and Kimberly, and his younger sister Aidan, are as likely to find him gardening as playing video games, watching ‘Goonies’ as ‘Star Wars’, listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival as Foo Fighters.
The author poses with an old friend

Lessons From a Trip to France

Traveling never used to interest me very much. Of course I wanted to see other cultures and places, but traveling never was on the top of any list for me. Until now.


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