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Calder, Morgan, and Gerald

Ouray School Welcomes Three New Students

Being at a small school means that every new student is extremely newsworthy. When three new students arrive, everybody wonders who they are, what they’re like, and what they think about our school. This year, we have three new students in the high school: Gerald Wilson, Calder Green, and Morgan Clark.

Recent News

COVID testing at the school

COVID Testing at Ouray School

With COVID cases spiking in our area our school has signed up with a state program to encourage students to get tested regularly. Parents sign their children up for a serial COVID test program.

Graduation Requirements

Colorado's graduation requirements are changing, and all students who live in Colorado must now pass an approved standardized assessment in reading, writing, communicating, and mathematics to graduate.
Woodshop supplies

Woodshop Returns to Ouray School

Mr. Jimmy Chiang is now in charge of Ouray School's woodshop, a program that began in 1969 but has not been offered for many years. Ouray High School Honor Society sent out a survey asking for courses that the Ouray School used to have and wished to see offered again, and "woodshop came in second or third on the list of courses," explained Principal Tod Lokey.
students use their computers in class, their papers are strewn aside, forgotten

Technology - Does it Affect Our Learning?

I’ve always loved paper. When I was little, I was fascinated by how a pencil, when you drag it across paper, makes a mark. I love to bury my nose in a book and smell its unique scent. But increasingly, my time and my classmates’ time is spent on a keyboard and screen.


PATT Meeting

Time: 7:30 AM – 8:15 AM
Location: OSD Cafeteria

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We are delighted to launch the Trojan Tribune online, reporting on topics important to students at Ouray High School. Check back often: we're adding news and features every day!
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