HS Girls Volleyball Returns

The Ouray High School girls volleyball season came to an end on Tuesday, October 25 after what many of the girls felt was a successful season.

Free Application Day for Colorado HS seniors

Every year the senior class of Ouray High School comes together to take advantage of Free Application Week to apply to Colorado colleges and universities for no cost. This year, it occurred on October 18-20.

Four Plays in Three Days

In the seats to my right six high school students lean forward, eyes glued on the emotional scene. To my left, I see the same thing. The whole audience is rapt in this shared experience.

Schools and Communities

Schools and communities! Those are the buzz words in second grade this quarter. Ms Cervone and her students have been comparing and contrasting different schools and communities.

Got Therapy?

One lasting effect of pandemic is the increased need, use, availability, and acceptance of therapy, especially as it pertains to the Ouray School student body.

Otter Pops are Less Fun Than You Think

I’m gonna say it - please don’t hate me: Otter Pops don’t taste like much. Okay, okay, okay. Before you get all up in my face like that, I love Otter Pops more than anything in the whole entire world. Okay? Can you let me talk now? Thank you.

Staying Real

Laughter and much chatter among the Ouray High School halls escalate, as students speed their way through the hallways trying to capture their BeReal. A notification gets sent to those app users once every single day at a different time, giving users 2 minutes to snap the perfect shot. The app focuses on capturing one's true self without the ability to photoshop.
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