Students Still Read for Pleasure

by Brooke Edder

At Ouray School you will see many people curled up on a coach reading a book. There is a variety of author and books. Most of the reading you will see is on the orange couch in the middle of the Trojan Commons, though some readers choose the library. Some people are reading for knowledge, but most are reading for fun or to relieve stress.

Junior Maryjane Cervone confessed that she “just started reading this year,” mostly because she wanted to read the Colleen Hoover It Ends With Us series.  As one of her New Year's resolutions, Maryjane said, “she made the goal to read 20 book this year.” Though she likes reading, she feels like it does not really help with stress; she just reads because it is fun. She doesn’t really have a favorite author, she said: “I just read the most books by Colleen Hoover.”

Classmate Lily Feeser said she also “just started reading in the beginning of 2023.” Lily uses reading as a way to fill free time and to have fun. “If I have nothing to do I will read,” she said. While she too reads a lot of Colleen Hoover’s books, she said, “I like them but they aren't that good mostly because they are popular.”

Sophomore Chloe Kiparsky has always read a lot, and keeps track of her monthly reading on Instagram. Reading is a way for Chloe to escape her day and to be transported to a whole new world. “I love how it gives me an outlet to escape the things that are real,” she said.