Spring Poems


by Hadley Choate


As I look outside to the bluebird sky 

I notice the warmth against my skin

I look down at the ground and notice the small sprouts

When I walk down the street there is no snow 

That's how I know 

Spring is here. 

Colors of Spring

by Brooke Edder


Colors spring from below

Sun, warm with the chill of rain, melts

Snow from the peaks 


by Cason Coats


The plants return from a long slumber; they arise from the white blanket to bloom new colors 

It’s like seeing an old friend 

The bright sunlight beaming and reflecting off the flowers,

Like a welcoming flash bang 

It’s an interesting transformation

Something so bleak showing

A new kind of color 


Sprinkle in some self-loathing bullcrap

And you got yourself a nice little poem you post 

On your niche Facebook account 


The only thing that changes for me in the Spring is my mood 

From depressed

To dreadful 

And even then 

The bi-polar still lingers


by Brooke Edder


Life gone dead and gray in Winter -

Spring brought it back

Fresh air and color returned

Hello Sunshine

by Anna Krickbaum


It has been a long winter.

With snow falling almost every day, 

Covering the roads.

Each time we think it’s melting away,

The weather reminds us it’s here to stay.

Not forever but far into spring,

Now all of a sudden the town is starting to scream.

So many people filled with joy,

But it begins to feel as though we’re boiling.

Plants begin their full bloom,

I can see all the colors out of my room.

Birds chirping more and more,

I love to see them outside my door.

The hummingbird feeders start to come out,

There are so many butterflies around,

I watch each one as they fly to the ground.

It makes me happy knowing it's spring, 

My dog runs as though he’s a king 

The sun is so bright,

But I love all the light.

Now I need refreshing drinks,

As I sit here and think.

I love the springtime,

So snow go away,

It’s spring now and it’s here to stay.